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calculating the pass rate for the full site packages

How do we know how effective the site is for our users?

Each full site package offers access to a review course and practice questions offered in two types of exams. This package was developed after compiling all the materials, we felt were necessary to achieve success on the registry.

Our system allows us to evaluate a registered user's progress through the package. Once a registered user reviews the course and completes the questions in the practice exams, we then use the ARDMS Directory of Registrants to track the success on the registry. The pass rate on the site ONLY includes those users that completed the package. If you only complete a portion of the package, we do not evaluate your success on the registry because your success (or failure) cannot be credited to using URR.

By dividing the number of successful Sonographers by the total number of Sonographers that completed the package, we are able to provide accurate pass rate information. We calculate the pass rate for all specialties on the site, except SPI. Because we cannot track success on the SPI registry using the Registrant Directory, this package is not included in the pass rate information.

We strive to meet the needs for all Sonographers! Each full site package is reviewed and revised annually to continue to improve the success rate of the products on the site.