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F. Calger, RDCS

Specialty Accessed: Adult Echo

Just wanted to let you know that I had taken the ARDMS Echo exam 05/04/2016 and passed with flying colors. No sweat! Your registry review course made the difference and correlated right along with the ARDMS echo exam. I have recommended your registry review course to upper management to share with sonographers looking to sit for their registry. In a month I look to take your review for the breast registry. Coming from a 20 year Sonographer, out of all the materials and courses that are out on the market, Ultrasound Registry Review is affordable and number one in my opinion. 
Well put together! Impressive! Thank you! 


K. Lobaugh, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Fetal Echo was a great supplement when studying for my fetal echo exam. It was the best study aid I was able to find and well worth cost. I have already recommended it to many of my fellow sonographers preparing for the fetal echo registry. 


D. Kesic, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: OB GYN

I'd like to take this minute to  tell you how awesome your reviews are. I used you for the OB/Gyn and passed with flying colors. I used {another review product} recently for my abdomen and failed. I was quite disappointed as I was making 90's on my mock exams consistently. When I got into the test there were many questions that I had not even seen on their study guide or questions. I came home after the test and signed up for your great review. Going through your study guide, everything was on there. I have spread the word to many other techs and will continue to use your great service from now on!



Specialty Accessed: SPI

To make a long story short I took Physics in 1988 and have been working non registered for the last 20 plus year. Ultrasound Registry Review helped me get ready for the SPI. I never thought a web site could be so helpful. Their Click to Learn format tests are fantastic. And basically re taught me Physics in a short time. Between Ultrasound Registry Review and my Ipad I had all I needed to get ready for my test with me all the time. Thank You Ultrasound Registry Review.


L. Recker, RDMS, RVT

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen, SPI, Vascular

I was able to complete 3 exams (physics, abdomen, vascular) in 3 months with the assistance of URR. I've been out of school for 7 years and work full time, this website was a livesaver. The "click-to-learn" questions were invaluable. They truly allowed me to absorb the content and learn from incorrect answers. I will definitely use this site when I study for my breast boards.


C. Ereditario

Specialty Accessed: SPI

Thank u so much. I passed my physics last weekend. This review helped me more than anything I've tried before.


M. Snyder, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen & OB/GYN

The website was very easy to use. The click to learn test was very helpful...The click to learn questions were great, knowing the information as soon as you got it wrong made me remember better when seeing the same question again, and the little explanation was also helpful...the ultrasound pictures used are clear and able to be identified, typical appearances are helpful in recognizing atypical appearances...Thank you sooo much for all of your help with your website throughout the process of passing both the OB/GYN and ABD boards!


E. Mullaj, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen

The site worked very well for me. I would recommend this site to everyone who is preparing for the registry.....I would give this site a 10. I used a different book to study for the AB exam before and I failed. This website helped me pass with a very good score.


S. Allbright, RDCS

Specialty Accessed: Adult Echo

I've no doubt the preparation I received from URR helped me in successfully passing my exam!! I found the structure of the Adult Echo course enabled me to more efficiently manage the time I set aside each day to study. It provided a structured review of the topics listed on the ARDMS exam prep outline. I was able to close the several textbooks I was jumping back and forth in and more streamline my study sessions. The questions on the mock exams were EXTREMELY helpful!! The images and videos in each section were concise and clear. I will definitely use the URR website for future exam preparation!


J. Cogan, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: OB GYN

I feel that the website was very clear and easy to understand. I will definitely be using this website again for the rest of my boards! They questions made you think and were set up very similar to how my questions were set up on my OB/GYNE boards. It was definitely worth the money and I will spread the word on how it really helped me!


A. Sanderson, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen

I took the Abdomen registry today, and passed. THANK YOU! I previously failed the vascular exam by 1 point, and the OB/Gyn exam by 5 points. Although I feel quite comfortable with the material, and use it in the clinical setting regularly... I struggled with the actual tests. I am convinced that your 4 practice tests helped me to succeed with the Abdomen registry.


F. Bostic, RDCS

Specialty Accessed: Adult Echo

Overall it's simple, it helped me prepare and pass my exam. The practice questions and the explanation to the question was amazing! Those questions helped me out tremendously! It wasn't only the fact that I got it wrong or right, it was the explanation on why I got the question wrong or right. On the study material, the information could have been a little bit more concise. I believe if I had this website the first time I took the exam I would have passed.


L. Geise, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen

Ultrasound Registry Review took me back to the basics. The website covered topics we never covered in class. The topics were clear, concise, easy to understand, and were accompanied by helpful US images and drawings. I will definitely use you again for my OB/GYN exam prep.


R. Pacione, RVS

Specialty Accessed: Vascular

I feel like the review actually may have over-prepared me, but i'm thankful for that. I spent a large portion of time studying the outlines. The outlines were detailed but simply put at the same time. The material given cleared up any confusion I had from class/books. The detailed outlines, images, review questions and mock exams provided me with the ability to work through the questions on the registry. I researched multiple review sites and am glad I chose URR.


D. Arntson, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Breast

I felt like everything on the website covered the information much more thoroughly than my schooling did. This material was all-inclusive. What I liked most was it's easy to read and understand and the ease of use. Your site helped me to pass abdomen and breast, now on to SPI and RVT!


L. Oberhelman, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen

The exam questions were extremely helpful. I especially liked that if I failed an exam, it was reloaded to my account so that I could try again. It was so helpful to do these questions over and over to see where my strengths and weaknesses were. I feel like this website was absolutely vital to my exam success.


P.Hagen, RVT

Specialty Accessed: Vascular

I really liked the click to learn with immediate feedback - made me remember to "go with my first answer" . I also liked the month long access. In comparison to another site that I used, I feel that Ultrasound Registry Review gave me much more for my money and also allowed me to pace my study/review. I plan to use it for my OB review next!


M. Van Fossen, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: OB GYN

I have taken 1 review course and bought 3 books for the exam. Your course was by far the best, and helped me pass the exam. I really enjoyed the convenience that this course offered. I was able to study at work, home and on my IPad. The format of the course was easy to follow. The pictures were real anatomy and not drawings. The practice exams were just like the ARDMS Exam. If you want to pass this is the course to take!



T. Cole, RDCS

Specialty Accessed: Adult Echo

The website is very easy to use and convenient to study. The practice questions and the mock tests were great in preparing for the test made studying easier. I loved the way the material was presented and the questions helped so much. I would recommend this website to study for your registry because basically its all you need. I will be purchasing the abdomen and ob registry reviews to take those exams. Thank you!


J. Dickey, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen

I found the mock boards very helpful and very similar to the real registry. If I wasn't sure why an answer was the correct answer to a question, I could go back into the listed information and find out why it was the correct answer. I also found the in depth information regarding all the topics VERY helpful. I really enjoyed that I had the chance to take four different mock boards before I took the registry. I passed my abdominal registry the first attempt and I know the mock boards were of extreme help. I felt confident prior to and aftering taking my registry thanks to URR. I will definitely be using URR for my OB/GYN and vascular registries.


S. Qadir, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen, OB

Actually I study only from this site because I found it is very systematic and lucid in manner. It is excellent site for any one who is preparing the ARDMS exam. I already recomended it to a few more friends and they also passed.


C. Russ, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen

I would highly recommend this website to all sonographers preparing to take their registries. I had used different resources previously and none prepared me for the abdominal registry like ultrasound registry review did. It was very user friendly. The click and learn was extremely helpful, and the mock tests made it clear when I was ready to sit for the ARDMS test. I plan on using this website for all my subsequent registries.


T. Gillen, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Breast

This program covered all areas that are needed for the ARDMS boards. Plus this review broke benign and malignant abnormalities down to an easier format to understand and remember! What I like the most about this site is the fact that the mock tests are so similar to the actually boards. This gave me the opportunity to test myself and pace myself with the timed exam! I would recommend this site to others preparing for the boards because the layout is easier to understand than other books/programs.


C. Mathews, RDCS

Specialty Accessed: Adult Echo

The review exams and questions were very helpful. I liked the immediate feedback on the review questions and how most of them not only gave the right answer but explained why the right answer was correct. It was very convenient having access to the course information at a click to review topics that I got wrong on the exams. I passed the Adult Echo registry and your website was very helpful!


M. Rice, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: OB GYN

The click to learn questions were very beneficial and prepped me for even the most challenging board exam questions. Lectures were comprehensive and as concise as possible. This review tool gave me absolute confidence while taking the OB board exam!

D. Lau, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Breast

I used the course material and the practice exams. I needed a program to work around my busy schedule without having to travel to a seminar. It is convenient and thoroughly covered the necessary material. I tell everyone that is preparing for a registry to use this site! Thank you for your help!

J. Martin, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Abdomen

The website provides a variety of questions and images that are helpful in preparation for the registry. Everything was well presented and well balanced on the site. It asks the questions in different ways to ensure that you know the information. Overall the website is easy to access and has a great variety of questions and images that were very helpful for passing my registry.


S. Kooiman-Bode, RDCS

Specialty Accessed: Adult Echo

I especially enjoyed the questions because were very similar to the ones that were asked on the ARDMS exam. I would recommend this site to other Sonographers because it helped me pass!


D. Sellars, RDMS

Specialty Accessed: Breast

Your questions were challenging. I needed the extra hard questions to make me think and it was truly what I got. Great website to help me prepare. I failed my test the first time, and this website was what I needed to challenge me and give me updated information. Thank you for having such a great website for those that struggled with this challenging test :)

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