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Dear Fellow Sonographers,

Allow me to introduce myself and I am an ARDMS® certified multimodality sonographer who has achieved certifications through the ARDMS® in Abdomen, OB/Gyn, Breast, Neuro, Vascular, Adult Echo and Pediatric Echo. These certifications place me in a list of 30 other individuals throughout the US who have obtained the same certifications. I completed my Bachelors degree in Sonography at Thomas Jefferson University in 1997. I then went on to achieve my Masters in Education from Penn State University so that I was better prepared to share this amazing field with others.
Since I began my studies at Jefferson, I found the application of sonography very interesting in all areas where it was utilized. As I received training in the field in additional specialties, my overall understanding of this awesome technology continued to expand. It has always been my personal goal to assist others in learning more about the field of Sonography and getting REGISTERED. After spending 15 years as a Sonographer and several years in Sonography education, I have finally developed

The website was created for Sonographers who are preparing to achieve ARDMS® and CCI® registration in their current field of practice and for those looking to become multimodality registered. The registry exams are very challenging and require a significant amount of focused preparation. I have seen all levels of Sonographers struggle with success on their ARDMS® registry exams, from students to the most seasoned Sonographer. Our site offers stream lined courses with challenging practice exams that can help you achieve your certification today! Allow us to assist you in your preparation to pass these challenging exams!!!

With the recent trend in healthcare reform, it seems that a "full body" or multimodality Sonographer will be in high demand in the near future. Sonographers trained and certified in multiple modalities will command a full time position at a much higher salary. Accreditation of general, vascular and echocardiography departments is required in many states for insurance reimbursement. Most accreditation guidelines require technologist registration in the specialty practiced in order to achieve and maintain accreditation. Don't get stuck between a rock and a board exam, GET REGISTERED TODAY!!

Whatever your motivation, we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your Sonography certification goals. Please review the trial materials and register today for Let us help you to build your skills and boost your resume today!


Kristen Solis