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  • Slide Show Image 13 was created to assist Sonographers in obtaining ultrasound certification in ALL areas currently practiced. We understand the challenges related to obtaining your certification in sonography and have created several tools to assist in your registry success. The website offers self study review courses, click to learn exams and mock registry exams to help you prepare for the ARDMS® and CCI® Registry Exams. There are over 2000 images and videos used to supplement the courses and exams. The practice questions are designed to challenge you in the same manner as your registry exam.

Our Registry Review Packages include access to:
  • Detailed study guide with high quality images/videos
  • Over 500 practice questions on the Click-to-Learn exam
  • Timed mock registry exams

Web-based Registry Review Courses and Practice Exams are available in the following specialties: Abdominal Ultrasound (RDMS), OB GYN Ultrasound (RDMS), Breast Ultrasound (RDMS), Vascular Ultrasound (RVT or RVS), Adult Echocardiography (RDCS or RCS), Fetal Echocardiography (RDCS) and Sonography Principles & Instrumentation. All presentations and exams consist of information related to the exam content outline listed on the website and

Visit the Free Trial section on the Review Courses page to see how
can help you to achieve your goals today!

* All Review Courses are approved by the SDMS for 5 - 7 CME credit hours. Check out the CME Credits page for more information.

ARDMS® is a registered trademark of the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and is not associated with this site.
CCI® is a registered trademark of the Cardiovascular Credentialing International and is not associated with this site.
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